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The Law Office of Bertram C. Okpokwasili is open for business, even as we as a world, collectively try to prevent the transmission of Covid-19.  We will employ teleconferences, video conferences when necessary and in person meetings when absolutely necessary and in a space where all individuals can attend at a safe distance from another.


We recognize that we are in unprecedented times. We give our condolences to all the families who have suffered due to this tragic circumstance.  The pandemic has caused and/or revealed fissures in many of our institutions that we as a community, as a people, relied on. However, the daily heroism by those in the Health industry, Teaching industry,  Civil service industry, Court administrators, the Defense Bar,  Firewomen and Firemen and Police, leaders in the political arena,  and first, foremost and never least, normal families and youth and children, keeping the faith, have showed us that we as a community will get through this.


Communities are figuring out better ways to exist in this new temporary normal with this highly infectious disease.  Among the heroes are members of the Defense Bar that continue to vigorously advocate for the safety of their clients and other clients amidst this pandemic.  The Federal Defenders of New York has been a light on the hill in working to help educate their colleagues on recently decided cases so lawyers can argue to help alleviate jail Covid-19 hotspots and release vulnerable inmates before they get infected by Covid-19. I personally have thanked and still have to thank many in the Defense Bar, the CJA and Immigration Bar for their amazing efforts. The unity shown through this seismic event is unique and laudable.

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