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Federal Crime

Have you been arrested or are the subject of a Federal investigation or indictment? Our firm has experience helping clients who have been charged with Federal Crimes. Give us a call at 201-771-0394

DUI, DWI, Reckless Driving

Do you need representation to fight a DUI, DWI, or Reckless driving charge? Let our firm assist you. Call 201 771-0394.


Do you need assistance on drafting a new contract, negotiating a sensitive matter or on starting a new business? Give our firm a call at 201-771-0394.

General Consultation

Do you need consultation on a legal matter before you take your next step? Call 201-771-0394.


Do you need help reversing or appealing a judgement? Let our firm help you. Call us at 201 771-0394

Confidential consultation

Do you need work on a business contract, trademark or copyright? Let our firm assist you. Call (201) 771- 0394

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